Thursday, April 27, 2006

The Orphans of Chaos

I liked this fantasy (by John C. Wright) a lot, but I would like knowing how it ends more. Unfortunately, the second book (the first ends very abruptly) is not scheduled to come out until November of this year.

This is an interesting take on a lot of mythology: the setting is a British boarding school with five students who begin to suspect they're being lied to and kept prisoner, despite receiving the best education possible. They each seem to have a different way of looking at the world which affects how they explain the strange things that begin happening--and that they make happen. Vanity seems to discover secret passages, Quentin can fly and talk to animals (at least, the other students suspect so), Colin gets letters from Hollywood starlets, Victor disproves the theory of relativity experimentally, and Amelia, who can see in four dimensions, gradually puts the pieces together.

Only the ending was disappointing: as far as I can tell, the two books were probably intended to be published as one volume, but had to be split up due to length. So, I'd recommend it. Even my sister read it!

Find it on Amazon. (Don't read the "review" by John C. Wright on that page unless you want to know who Amelia is!)

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