Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Keturah and Lord Death

By Martine Leavitt.

On the surface, this is a lovely young adult romance: a young storyteller gets lost in the woods and comes back with a story she's afraid to tell. As the principal actors note, nobody has ever seen a fairy, but Death has touched everyone. There are some clever story telling elements, too; try re-reading the prologue after you finish the story. (The teller knows her audience, perhaps?)

What I am afraid of is that this book romanticizes death. As Christians, what should our attitude be towards death? Paul wrote that to die was gain, being united with our Lord, but that doesn't mean we should glorify death itself. God has conquered it!

I was going to recommend this book until I started thinking about these things. It is a well-written, lovely, clean young adult book, but I fear the picture it presents of death leaves me with some reservations. You may take your chances with it as you wish.

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