Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Timothy and the Dragon's Gate

By Adrienne Kress.

When world-weary eleven-something Timothy Freshwater finds himself in possession of an ancient Chinese dragon, he also finds himself on the run from dangerous black cabs, a ninja with something to prove to her parents, et al. Watch in excitement as Timothy learns the true power of sarcasmfriendship, or whatever.

What I liked: This book was extremely readable and, in my opinion, had more consistent plot and humor than the first in the series while retaining (slightly subdued) randomness. Also, it isn't really necessary to have read the first (Alex and the Ironic Gentleman) to enjoy this one.

What I disliked: The prose remains extremely conversational and a bit choppy in the way the narrator jumps from topic to topic. Also, Timothy is maybe too hateful through most of the book.

Definitely light, entertaining reading. One of my brothers is reading it now.

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