Thursday, March 08, 2012

In the Forests of the Night

This book by Kersten Hamilton was fantastic. I thought Tyger, Tyger (the first book in the series) was good, but this one exceeded it by far. Maybe that's partly due to the groundwork laid in Tyger, Tyger, though; this definitely doesn't stand alone.

I love the humor and the strong, distinct characters and the way Teagan is part of a family with friends and parents who aren't pushovers and aren't stupid, and are willing to take the things she says are happening on faith. I like that Christian faith is part of their lives and the way the worldbuilding reflects that, but leaves room for mystery and laughter. I love how the duct tape comes in handy in the first book. I love the last line of this second book.

So what are these books about? They start with Teagan, studying to become a veterinarian, being warned by her friend that the goblins in Teagan's mother's paintings (she is a book illustrator) are going to come alive and hurt her family. It doesn't quite happen that way, but shortly after her parents agree to foster her cousin Finn, bad things start happening, and Finn's explanation about goblins seems to be the truth. And that's only the beginning...

Definitely, highly recommended. Be warned that this story isn't over yet; the book doesn't exactly end on a cliffhanger, but it's not resolved either. There is supposed to be at least one more book, though I have a hard time believing that will be enough to tie everything up.

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