Saturday, May 27, 2006

The Blackgod

By J. Gregory Keyes. The sequel to The Waterborn.

This is a worthy sequel, I think. I enjoyed it more than the first book, I think, even though there were moments I kept thinking "Wait a minute, I thought he had grown up?" about Perkar. The author also (in my opinion) overuses the cheap device of saying "He told her" without specifying what he told her, which is to say about twice, that I remember--but still, would it hurt so much to skip part of the narrative? Other authors would just skip the part where he told her and let you assume it occurred behind the scenes, instead of uselessly saying that he told her and then not telling the reader what was said (until later, of course). Although, the surprising twists of the story were for the most part pretty obvious, if only because they're the same surprising twists that occur in every story like this.

This and Waterborn are probably worth a read (read Waterborn first). They're both quite well written if not terribly original.

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