Wednesday, May 17, 2006

The Golden Age Trilogy

Consisting of The Golden Age, The Phoenix Exultant, and The Golden Transcendence.

Somewhere recently I saw that a reviewer is not supposed to express his own opinion of a book, but list the pros and cons so that others can make their own decision. News flash: The pros and cons depend on the reviewers opinion and personality. Oh well, here goes:

Pros: A golden, imaginative picture of the future reminiscent of Accelerando (even though I'm pretty sure Accelerando came out years later). An almost perfectly happy ending (no one you really care about dies or is crippled permanently or any such.)

Cons: An important question raised concerning the motivations of certain of the characters is never directly answered, but left to be inferred from how they behave, I guess. The spiritual implications of the technologies they have ("Noumenal recording" which effectively results in immortality, for one) are pretty much ignored.

Conclusion: Pretty interesting story. Probably worth a read if you like science fiction.

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