Monday, August 28, 2006


By Emma Bull.

I only have a few things to say about this book. First: it feels somewhat stilted, and very much reminiscent of the Liavek story in Firebirds RIsing, making me wonder if all shared-universe stories tend to turn out this way. It does not seem as well written as War for the Oaks, somehow, with regard to its style and smoothness. Maybe it was just intended to be a grittier book.

Second: I think Tick-Tick is a much more interesting character than Orient (the finder of the title).

Third: Beware the Pamela Dean quote on the back of the book: "Watch out. This looks like a fast-paced mystery novel with lots of snappy dialogue, but it will sneak up on you and break your heart." That last clause is certainly true.

Finally: I'm not sure why people would prefer this over War for the Oaks, although I don't think I'll be reading either again any time soon. The emotional involvement in the events that break your heart is the only part that stands out as being better than War for the Oaks, but YMMV.

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