Thursday, August 03, 2006

Firefly Cloak

By Sheri Reynolds, who according to the jacket is also the author of The Rapture of Canaan. Just thought you'd like to know that.

The cover flap bills this as a coming-of-age novel, but you pretty quickly start wondering whether it's the mother, the daughter, or the grandmother who needs to come of age... by the end of the book, it seems like all three needed it.

This book seems like a slice-of-life (a cliche?)--it could easily have happened to real people and probably has. The descriptions feel very authentic (although I've never been in a Southern city on the boardwalk so I can't say for certain, but they convinced me) and it's easy to imagine that the author went through many of the experiences described herself.

It feels a little bit like light reading, but that might just be my bias. Families are important too, and there are definitely emotional moments, even if it isn't about an epic quest to save the world (tee em). So listen up AMBER: you might like it.

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