Thursday, April 26, 2007

Dairy Queen: A Novel

By Catherine Gilbert Murdock.

D. J. is fifteen years old and basically runs a farm in this book, on account of her dad being disabled and her brothers being gone. This is the story of the summer when she learns how to talk. (She already knows how to play football.)

The author uses humor well; otherwise, I probably wouldn't have gotten past the first few chapters. I'm still not sure this book is worth reading: it's a fluffy coming of age story (like FIrefly Cloak) without the feel-good fluff part of the formula. It was interesting for the picture of life in a small town and on a farm, but I'm not sure about the rest. It's not too long, so I guess you can read it and judge for yourself if it sounds interesting to you. Football plays a big part, so if you're a sports fan you might like it a lot, but it's really more about relationships.

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