Thursday, April 05, 2007

Gift of the Unmage

By Alma Alexander. Book 1 of the Worldweavers series.

I was disappointed by this book. Thea and her friends, family and acquaintances are kind of interesting, but the plot just doesn't hold together. The author's sketchy sense of time, with flashbacks to events that there was no foreshadowing of, made for somewhat disjointed reading. That, along with Thea's pre-birth "choices", makes this book not extremely palatable.

On the positive side, as I said, Thea is a somewhat sympathetic character, but most of the other characters seem pretty flat. The persons who run the "Last Ditch School for the Incurably Incompetent" are a far cry from the jailers of a certain other book, and are in fact laughably incompetent themselves.

I'm left thinking that I must have missed something that everyone else read, because it seems that other people liked this book quite a bit. I did read it late at night, so it would be wise to take this post with a grain of salt.

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