Saturday, June 21, 2008

List: Upcoming books

Here are some works-in-progress or upcoming books I'm looking forward to, some of them of a more speculative (i.e., unfinished or possibly even only rumored) nature than others. They are mostly in order by expected release date. Some of them I am looking forward to because I have read previous books by the author, and some because I have read the author's blog or heard mentions of them here and there (interviews, perhaps?)

Notice the absence of non-speculative fiction. (I was going to say complete absence, but I guess Octavian Nothing and Elizabeth Wein's work don't quite count as fantasy if you look at them the right way. I guess it must be vivid books that tend to attract me.)

  • Shannon Hale's graphic novel Rapunzel's Revenge (August) and novel Bayern 4 (in progress, possibly for 2009).
  • Justine Larbalestier's How to Ditch Your Fairy (September).
  • Patricia McKillip's The Bell at Sealey Head (September; I haven't heard anything concrete but the form of the title suggests a sequel to The Tower at Stony Wood; there is a reading available at this fine link which I also haven't listened to).
  • Cornelia Funke's Inkdeath (October).
  • M. T. Anderson's Octavian Nothing: Volume 2 (October).
  • Brandon Sanderson's The Hero of Ages (Mistborn book 3; October) and Alcatraz Versus the Scrivener's Bones (November).
  • Juliet Marillier's Heir to Sevenwaters (November).
  • Jane Lindskold's Thirteen Orphans, first in a series. (November)
  • Bujold's Sharing Knife book 4 (January 2009) and any possible additions to the Chalion series (there should be 2 according to the series structure, but I have heard nothing concrete).
  • R. J. Anderson's book Knife, the Hunter (2009) and book Touching Indigo (nowhere near finished).
  • Laini Taylor's Silksinger (in revision; hopefully for 2009).
  • Pamela Dean's Going North (in revisions; 2009? to be split into two books).
  • Marie Brennan's And Ashes Lie (in progress; 2009?)
  • D. M. Cornish's Factotum (in progress; 2009?).
  • Jane Yolen's graphic novel Foiled (possibly not final title; no idea about a release date).
  • L. Jagi Lamplighter's Prospero's Children (haven't heard anything about a release date).
  • The rest of Rosemary Kirstein's continuing Steerswomans series. (Book 5 is currently in progress, book 6 mostly finished from what I've heard which isn't much.)
  • John Wright's next "book", Count to a Trillion (scare quoted because of his habit of having his books broken into "trilogies").
  • Vernor Vinge's sequel to A Fire Upon the Deep (in progress?).
  • Tom Simon's epic work.
  • Any additional books in Elizabeth Wein's Arthurian cycle.

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Martin LaBar said...

So. Another Funke is coming? Good.