Tuesday, June 06, 2006

The Phantom Tollbooth

By Norton Juster, "amateur cook and professional eater", apparently.

Another one of those classics, I had my sister get it out of the library on a whim a week or two ago, along with Castle in the Air. Oddly, this book also has a Castle in the Air, and rather large print and short pages and illustrations to boot. There are supposed to be puns but the only one that made me do a double-take was when the Mathemagician carried the three.

So. You probably should have read this already.

And instead of thinking about this book, I'm still ruminating on the stunning logical conundrum in Wolf Hunting. I really would like to buy the Firekeeper books, but $27 is a bit expensive, even if they are five hundred pages and rather nicely typeset. I wonder if there will be a nice set of all six for $60 or something when she finishes the sixth one? I think this last one was probably better than the rest (even the slanderous book flap says it's the strongest entry in the series so far), since it gives me a puzzle to think about. Unfortunately, I can't tell you what it is without spoiling bits of the plot if you've already read the previous books, and you'd be utterly mystified if you haven't. So there!

It also seems like the author tossed in a couple unnecessary references to previous books in the name of continuity, when there was really no reason to mention them. Other things that harkened back to the past were, of course, necessary, but there were a few lines that seemed rather gratuitous.

I think I just hijacked this post to rave about Firekeeper, didn't I?

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