Friday, June 30, 2006

Snow White and Rose Red

By Patricia C. Wrede. Part of Terri Windling's fairy tales series. (Which one?)

So-so. There is something about this that is well-written: especially pertinent is that it makes clear when scenes involving various characters occur with relation to one another, whether at the same time or later, which is rather nice. But, I don't think it was particularly engaging: possibly the only reason I read it so fast (or at all?) was because I am planning to return it tonight. The depiction of faeryland and the way its border works doesn't seem to ring quite true, but the book is at least a good attempt at retelling the original story, which the author notes in the afterword was somewhat challenging due to its fragmented nature. (A short section of what I assume is the original is placed at the beginning of each chapter, making it easy to compare the two in parallel.)

Maybe worth a look.

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