Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Sunshine questions

Oh no! I'm breaking the pattern!

Here are some of the questions I had after reading Sunshine; I thought this would be an appropriate place to post them even if it isn't strictly a book review/summary/response.

You may not want to look at these if you haven't read the book.

  • What happened to Sunshine’s father’s family?

  • Specifically, what happened to Sunshine’s grandmother, and how is she able to appear to Sunshine now? (One dream might be a coincidence. Two stinks of supernatural intervention.)

  • Does Con prey on humans?

  • If not, why does he dazzle Sunshine with his eyes? Is it a weakness or loss of control? Is the effect something that occurs naturally (like breathing) and has to be specifically suspended by an act of will?

  • If he does prey on humans, then what is the important difference between him and Bo? That he does it without torturing them first?

  • Is Yolande’s mistake hers or the author’s? Sunshine doesn’t seem to notice the mistake either, pointing to the author. (Yolande said Con had returned twice when by that point he had returned three times, but Sunshine hadn’t woken up the first night he came back.)

  • How does the daylight seal find its way to Sunshine? Is it “just” a coincidence?

  • What “other” magic besides transmuting was Sunshine taught? Was telepathy one of the things, or did she share her bead on Bo with Con instinctively?

  • Would it be possible for Sunshine to transform living things as well as objects?

  • Who is the goddess of pain? What’s wrong with her? Is she related to Medusa? (nothing in the book actually mentions this, but her ability to cause pain seems related to the way looking at Medusa’s face turns people to stone from fright)

  • What do Pat and the other “good guys” in SOF know/suspect? They should have all the clues in front of them—the pocket knife (especially Pat, since he was there for the interrogation), the second prisoner, the cleared land around the house, the timing of Sunshine and Con’s physical contact, the bad spot? (the images which appear seem to be linked to Bo?), etc., etc.

  • Why would Sunshine need to lie to Yolande?

  • What past relationship did Con have with the Blaise family? Was he one of them? What does he know about her father?

  • What is the purpose of the charm that Con gives Sunshine? Is it just a guide so that she can find her way to his lair?

  • Is the “tuning” he does on the charm part of the charm’s enchantment, or is it his own magic?

  • Obviously, what is the cup of souls for, and the ceremony it goes with?

  • How does Con feel about everything? His attitude is possibly the best-concealed secret in the entire book. It isn't obvious whether he only tolerates Sunshine to spite Bo, and later on because he needs her, or because he likes her, etc. Is he at all tempted to eat her after they escape? Does he wish she would go away after they finish off Bo? Or has he grown attached to her?

  • Why did Bo try to feed Con when he was planning to kill him, anyway? Just as a mind game?

  • Is it possible for a vampire to drink only part of a person’s blood and leave the person alive?

  • What is Mel?

  • What do Sunshine and Con do the night they go out together? Does she make nightprowling a habit? (How could she, when she has to get up at 4am to make cinnamon buns?)

  • What do they gain from their bond with each other? (Sunshine seeing in the dark is a given. Con’s passing as human is suggested. Is growling at doors to make them open a vampirish ability?)

  • What are the disadvantages of their bond? (Besides the ideological one of “Oh, by the way, I’m bound to a vampire, but our relationship is strictly platonic—what are you laughing at?”) That they are vulnerable through each other is suggested. How would one’s death affect the other?

  • How many of these questions would be answered if I watched Buffy?

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